Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cranky Post

If J mentions baby clutter one more time - I am seriously going to kick his ass. He e-mailed me today to tell me how some new parents told him:

"Think about how you can do without all the accessories. We bought a crib and a bassinet. Used the bassinet for about a week, and now its got to go. I’ve heard of people not buying changing tables as well. Think outside of the box because a lot of the stuff you buy you will quickly find you don’t need."

Well I don't give a crap what those new parents said. I have waited for this baby for 37 years - I'm not already looking for ways to minimize his presence in our home. I don't care if it's a g-damn baby explosion. I know we don't "need" half, shit, two-thirds of the stuff we registered for - but I WANT it. I didn't go through 9 zillion appointments, shots, invasive exams, surgeries & side effects so that I could buy my baby a wooden rattle and crib and call it a day. And this is a man who has PLENTY of his own toys (literally, toys, he collects the weirdest shit and is into gaming, etc.) and he's telling me about baby clutter?! Someone needs to check himself .... mama is IRRITATED!

OK - apart from the above rant - my foot is better. (Still broken. But better!) Orthopedic doc did put me in a walking cast and within a few days I was down to one crutch and supposedly will graduate to a CANE soon - how exciting! LOL! I actually used the cane last night for several hours - but today my foot was sore again after not having been for a few days so I think I overdid it. So back to the crutch for the next several days and then I'll try the cane again.

They also want to do another X-ray in 5 weeks to make sure it's healed. Well, that's not happening. I'm sure my doctor will be annoyed - but too bad. They can X-ray the foot again after the baby is born. I'm all X-rayed out after the round at the ER last week. That really stressed me out - and stress (and X-rays) aren't good for baby... So no more X-rays. We'll just have to play it by ear.

27 weeks and 2 days today! Wow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


At 6 and a half months pregnant - I have fallen and broken my foot. Just a stupid accident - missed a step and went down on my butt and my foot went under me and I sat one it. And - it's broken. Fifth Metatarsal. Apparently this type of break is so common it's called a "Jones Fracture". Spent yesterday in the ER. Baby is fine. My foot, on the other hand, is, well, fucked. I am really bummed out - but taking it one step at a time (har har.) I should be walking again by 32 weeks pregnant so hopefully long before I go into labor. I will get through this. I am afraid of falling again as I am now on crutches and more awkward than ever. I see an orthopedic doctor shortly - actually leaving right after I post this - and he will cast me - although I am not letting him put a hard cast on me. I fear that will throw me even more off balance - so it's going to have to be some kind of walking cast (even though I'm sure I won't be able to walk in the walking cast for quite some time.)

So, yeah, this sucks. But I'll get through it. Baby is OK. That is what's most important to me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Quick Update ...

... Because I am guilty of blog neglect! I need new pics and new entries! Life is busy - but good. I hit 24 weeks yesterday and it feels like a huge, wonderful milestone. I am tired ... and achey ... but it's fine. I love being pregnant and can't wait to meet my baby.

I am headed to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday ... staying with friends at a great beach house on Isle of Palms - can't wait! J and I will leave town on Friday - drive as far as Charlotte, North Carolina - stay overnight - and then continue on our way to Charleston. We're breaking up the typically 11 hour - one day drive into two days so I don't get TOO swollen and uncomfortable. We'll also make frequent stops along the way for me to pee and walk around. My midwives and doctor are fine with us making this trip. I am really looking forward to it - all except for leaving my dogs. My mom will watch them but it makes me really nervous and sad to leave them. Once I get to the beach I'll relax but the anticipation of being away from them makes me anxious. :-( But I know they will be fine - she'll come over 3 times a day every day while we're gone and sleep over at my house every other night. She's a wonderful doggie grandma (and a wonderful grandma to her 9 human grandchildren too - my baby will be number 10!!)

That's the report ... I'm fat and happy. Can't wait to meet my son. More later!