Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doing a little better...

... well, a lot better actually. He slept in his helmet last night - and he is sleeping in it now. He napped in it yesterday and today as well. He was in bed with me most of last night and will probably end up there again, which is fine with me. Whatever it takes to help him through this.

Pray for a big cranial growth spurt that gets us out of this thing FAST.

The helmet is my nemesis. Ugh.

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Ariella said...

Not to be unsuportive as I am a HUGE fan of the helmet but I want to make sure your Dr has told you this. All kids grow out of the flat head thing by the time they are 10yr old. It can impact some development which is why I believe in the helmet but if it is making you guys this crazy Why do it? Just saying.

That said I am glad things are going better.