Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 millimeters!

That's how much Jack's head has grown in 2 weeks - this is good - we are trucking right along in helmet-ville!

I brought up our August vacation and the fact that we'd be going from PA to SC - where it will be HOT HOT HOT and at first the orthotist was just very matter of fact "he'll be fine, and you can take it off as needed if he gets overheated" and I was so bummed because I was hoping she'd say "oh, you''ll probably be done by then" but then she DID say "and you could be done by then anyway" so that made me happy!

Grow Jack's head, grow! (It is noticeably better too - was never too bad to begin with so I am hoping we ARE done by early August. All depends on how much and how fast his little noggin grows - the helmet guides growth but can only do so if there IS growth.)


Nico's Proud Parents said...

That is great news! I will keep Jack's head in my prayers! Courted

Anonymous said...

That is great news!! Also wanted to let you know Miss Charlotte's pink "band" will be ready next Tuesday. (H-Day). I have been somewhat a wreck over the whole thing. I am ready to get started - the sooner the better. I keep telling her head to wait a little bit before growing any more!
-Maggie (MandJPP)