Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Quick Update ...

... Because I am guilty of blog neglect! I need new pics and new entries! Life is busy - but good. I hit 24 weeks yesterday and it feels like a huge, wonderful milestone. I am tired ... and achey ... but it's fine. I love being pregnant and can't wait to meet my baby.

I am headed to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday ... staying with friends at a great beach house on Isle of Palms - can't wait! J and I will leave town on Friday - drive as far as Charlotte, North Carolina - stay overnight - and then continue on our way to Charleston. We're breaking up the typically 11 hour - one day drive into two days so I don't get TOO swollen and uncomfortable. We'll also make frequent stops along the way for me to pee and walk around. My midwives and doctor are fine with us making this trip. I am really looking forward to it - all except for leaving my dogs. My mom will watch them but it makes me really nervous and sad to leave them. Once I get to the beach I'll relax but the anticipation of being away from them makes me anxious. :-( But I know they will be fine - she'll come over 3 times a day every day while we're gone and sleep over at my house every other night. She's a wonderful doggie grandma (and a wonderful grandma to her 9 human grandchildren too - my baby will be number 10!!)

That's the report ... I'm fat and happy. Can't wait to meet my son. More later!


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