Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cranky Post

If J mentions baby clutter one more time - I am seriously going to kick his ass. He e-mailed me today to tell me how some new parents told him:

"Think about how you can do without all the accessories. We bought a crib and a bassinet. Used the bassinet for about a week, and now its got to go. I’ve heard of people not buying changing tables as well. Think outside of the box because a lot of the stuff you buy you will quickly find you don’t need."

Well I don't give a crap what those new parents said. I have waited for this baby for 37 years - I'm not already looking for ways to minimize his presence in our home. I don't care if it's a g-damn baby explosion. I know we don't "need" half, shit, two-thirds of the stuff we registered for - but I WANT it. I didn't go through 9 zillion appointments, shots, invasive exams, surgeries & side effects so that I could buy my baby a wooden rattle and crib and call it a day. And this is a man who has PLENTY of his own toys (literally, toys, he collects the weirdest shit and is into gaming, etc.) and he's telling me about baby clutter?! Someone needs to check himself .... mama is IRRITATED!

OK - apart from the above rant - my foot is better. (Still broken. But better!) Orthopedic doc did put me in a walking cast and within a few days I was down to one crutch and supposedly will graduate to a CANE soon - how exciting! LOL! I actually used the cane last night for several hours - but today my foot was sore again after not having been for a few days so I think I overdid it. So back to the crutch for the next several days and then I'll try the cane again.

They also want to do another X-ray in 5 weeks to make sure it's healed. Well, that's not happening. I'm sure my doctor will be annoyed - but too bad. They can X-ray the foot again after the baby is born. I'm all X-rayed out after the round at the ER last week. That really stressed me out - and stress (and X-rays) aren't good for baby... So no more X-rays. We'll just have to play it by ear.

27 weeks and 2 days today! Wow.


Melisha said...

I am an X-ray tech. If they make you get some x-rays ask to wear a lead apron. The Radiation Physicist told me that the amount of radiation that my babies would get in a nine month period, keep in mind I am in radiation 4 days a week, would be less than the amount a person living in Denver, Colorado would get in nine months. I was very worried since it is my job and all. But I wear four radiation badges and my dose has been so low it can't even be recorded thus far. By the way buy all the baby stuff you want, it is all about feeling prepared and that you gave your baby everything that it could possibly need!


Kristin said...

The x-ray will tell the doc you can stop wearing the walking cast. I would just do it. But I understand your concern. I had to wear my walking cast an extra 4 weeks because of the results of the x-ray, but better than doing more damage.
Anyway - I agree - get whatever you want in baby "clutter". It's your baby, not those other people's.

Rachel said...

go on girl, clutter your house :-)