Friday, March 28, 2008


Not much to report really. Had some more low back pain and crampiness in the wee hours of Thursday morning and pretty much throughout the day Thursday. I have read that the low back pain actually IS common - and can be caused by rising levels of progesterone which actually soften the discs and ligaments in your low back area. How weird is that?!? Anyway - I started feeling better Thursday night and seem to feel better this morning as well. I've decided the cramping incidents must be some kind of uterine growth spurts - a rush of hormones that makes my uterus decide to stretch and feel crampy.

So I'm trying not to worry. My biggest fear is some type of bleeding - especially given that I'm on Lovenox and baby aspirin. But I have to believe they've actually helped me get this far. So far, no spotting, nothing like that. So that continues to be a very good thing. More later ... :-)


Ariella said...

Hey girl can you email me? kittylove516 at yahoo dot com

I am glad to hear everything is fine even if you are having some cramping (normal in 1s tri). I will pray for no bleading.

Vivian said...

I'm pulling for you, you guys deserve this, and everything will be ok.
being scared is normal especially after all we have been though, loss and then pg again, i would question if you WEREN'T driving yourself crazy.