Monday, March 24, 2008

More Sobbing, A Second Beta & An Ultrasound

I think this will be a short entry .. I’m just kind of tired but I’m good – I’m happy. For today. After getting myself all worked up again last night – in anticipation of today’s 5 week ultrasound and my second beta (SIX DAYS AFTER MY FIRST ONE – MOST RE’S DO THEM EVERY COUPLE OF DAYS BUT OH NO .. NOT MY RE) anyway – I didn’t die from hyperventilating and somehow I made to the RE’s office today. I nervously joked with the phlebotomist, “oh, that blood DEFINITELY looks like it has a higher HCG content,” .. she jokingly agreed. I tried to calm down. Then it was time for the ultrasound. I tried to breathe. The tech moved the wand .. I could hear her also clicking away on her keyboard .. measurements and such. Finally .. she said, “OK, there is one sac in your uterus.” Then she went and got my husband – brought him back to u/s room – and showed both of us the sac on the screen. It was just a black blob – but it looked pretty good to me! (I did feel a little pang that there was only one. But just a little pang. One healthy baby would be pretty darn amazing. It’s just that we’ll probably only do this once. But it’s OK. It’s MORE than OK.)

After that – we talked to a nurse – she explained that the sac was all they were looking for today since it’s so early. And that they’d like to see me back in 10 days for another ultrasound.

An hour and a half after we left – she called with the results of my beta – 3061! With a doubling time of 48 hours .. a perfectly acceptable beta for today would have been 1400. So 3061 is excellent.

I still have no symptoms. The cramping I wrote about the other day has not returned. Now I just have pings and pangs. My boobs are small and not particularly veiny. I don’t feel unusually tired (and it was in large part the lack of symptoms that had me sobbing again last night. That coupled with me taking my temp yesterday evening and it being LOW.) I give up on pregnancy symptoms. The black blob, or rather, sac in my uterus – and today’s big fat beta indicate that I am pregnant – and the pregnancy IS progressing.

So I’ll try to relax. I won’t succeed, but I’ll try.

And I’ll wait for my boobs to get bigger. And for me to feel like barfing.

10 days to the next ultrasound. We may even see a heartbeat. That would be really cool.


mrsyak said...

I feel your pain! I have my first ultrasound on Thursday, and while I do have symptoms and my beta doubled, I still wane between fear and excitement. Infertility just doesn't let go sometimes and leaves you in the "what if" world. Sigh....

Melisha said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you and what a great beta number! I have been waiting anxiously to hear your update. You deserve this so much and your success makes me feel like there is hope out there for me! I will continue to pray for you every night!


ONE OUT OF SIX said...

Melisha - I truly believe that the prayers and good vibes so many people have been sending me, even people I've never met, have played a huge role in all of this for me. I know it has. I pray that you have great news for me soon. You deserve this so much too. Keep me posted with what's going on with you!! Do you have a blog? If not, you need to start one!!!

na24 (from the nest) said...

What wonderful news. That's a great beta.

The Infertile Mommy said...

I'm so happy for you! I know exactly what you mean about being worried. But your beta and u/s were great! So relax (or try to) and enjoy it!

Melisha said...

I don't have a blog. I will have to see about starting one? I am waiting for my AF to come. This is the first time in like a year I actually want my AF to come. Hopefully it will be soon!