Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Post

Well, I guess I am now officially entering the ranks of women struggling with infertility and blogging about it. As of this past week - our diagnosis is no longer just "infertility" - but is now infertility with recurrent pregnancy loss to boot. This week - I will get something like 19 tubes of blood drawn as part of the RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) panel my RE has ordered for me. J needs to get blood drawn too so they can check out his chromosomes as well. Then, later this month, I'll have a sono-hysterogram - a test that involves filling up my uterus with saline - and then taking pictures of it. They want to make sure nothing got "left behind" during my surgery to remove a uterine septum last March. (I assume they're talking about a piece of the septum - and not like, a pair of surgical scissors or a few cotton balls. Cripes!)

So - now we can't even TTC on our own this month. Because the S-HSG has to take place toward the end of my cycle - and they want to make sure you're not pregnant when they do the test. Ha! As if. What an absolute bummer.

For a while, getting all these tests was sort of interesting. Dramatic. Now - it's just tiresome. I'm tired of being tested. I'm tired of wondering what's wrong. Part of me (the crazy, in denial part of me, I guess) still thinks this is all a big mistake - a bizarre coincidence - and in fact, nothing is wrong and I'll get pregnant (and stay pregnant) on my own very soon.

How ironic that I can't wait to start sticking myself with needles again. But having gotten pregnant with injectables/IUI on the first try - even though it ended in a chemical pregnancy - well, it worked, sort of - and I feel like it will work again. But first - more tests ... more waiting ... and then hopefully - some answers, and some resolution. And then maybe ... a baby.


Jill said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Good luck on your saline u/s!

Ariella said...

Welcome to blogging! I hope your dr finds the answers you are looking for and that you get pg soon.

becoming-mom said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere!

Rest cycles suck, I know I'm facing one for a polyp removal next cycle..

Ariana (MrsJeffsWife2B)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for blogging about your septum. It helps to know other people are out there struggling with the same issues. I am beginning to lose hope. I had a septum too. It was removed or whatever they call that. We are starting IUI very hesitantly because my insurance doesn't cover infertility, but does cover an abortion. Imagine the irony of that.
Good luck to you.